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Our products are designed to provide a reliable, wireless solution for control and data gathering systems.  Our products are easily integrated with existing control sytems or any that are currently being designed. 

Telemetry, SCADA Systems

The RM1 provides reliable wireless connections from field devices to master station PCs via a serial link.  Each unit can function as a master, slave, repeater, or any combination of these.  


This model is 12VDC powered and is Modbus RTU compatible.  The RM1 is equipped with VHF, UHF, or spread spectrum radios.



Telemetry, SCADA Systems



All IC Tech, Inc. models integrate seemlessly with the Vista Controls SCADA software for complete system development.  Vista Controls is a New Mexico company located in Los Alamos, NM.  Software Toolbox is a Modbus based tool for setting up and testing our Modems and I/O units.

Water Meters
Telemetry, SCADA Systems

IC Tech, Inc. provides an array of accessories to fit any application including enclosures, ramp flumes, staff plates, antennas, batteries, solar panles, sensors, transmitters, software, and training.


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