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IC Tech, Inc. installs custom control systems of all sizes to suit customer needs and budgets.  A control system may have over 100 sites and cover hundreds of square miles.



Surface Water Monitoring & Control


  • Data gathering and system controls for canals, rivers, acequias, lakes, streams, ponds

  • Complete monitoring and control systems for Irrigation Districts

  • Custom systems and configurations

  • Central database with internet access

  • Automated remote management of  river gates, motors, flow meters, sensors, probes, and transmitters

  • Parshall flumes, ramp flumes, area velocity meters, submersible transducers, bubblers


Ground Water Monitoring


  • Automated control systems

  • Level and flow transducers

  • Priming systems

  • Control panel fabrication

  • Well level measurement and documentation services



Municipal Water Systems


  • Tank level, well operation, chlorinator control, alarms

  • Booster station control

  • Customers: Village of Roy, Village of Mosquero, Town of Hagerman, Village of Ft. Sumner, City of Lovington, City of Grants, and the City of Plainview


Oil & Gas Field SCADA


  • Well field operators and communications companies for monitoring and control of oil and gas field equipment

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